There are many different types of business cards available for your business needs, and it is important to figure out which type best fits you and your company. You want a card that is representative of what you are offering your customers or clients. Consider how professional you want your card to be, and what message you want it to communicate to the people you give it to. Here are seven different styles of business cards that you must can between before starting your design.
1. Standard: The standard business card is a 3.5″x2″ rectangle with square corners. This is the basic size and style that every printing company prints at a standard price. Due to the ease of printing and cutting standard cards, these are the most affordable option for any business. These are very professional and will show the customer that you are dedicated, qualified and reliable. This is a great option for anyone looking to print a large number of affordable business cards.
2. Round Corners: Round cornered cards are a variation of standard business cards. Once they are printed, a die cut creates round corners to give it a different shape. This can give your business card a softer feel than standard cards and is becoming a popular option for printing. Be prepared to pay a little extra for round corners, but it might be worth it to add a touch of personality to your business cards. Be sure to create your design with round corners in mind so that you do not cut off any of your information.
3. Square: A fast growing trend in business card printing, square cards are a unique take on the standard card. They are smaller than normal, only 2″x2″, but will definitely separate your business card from everyone else. Square cards are fun and will show your customers that you have a good personality and are a creative person. The only thing you need to be careful of is the space you use. Square cards are quite a bit smaller than standard cards, leaving you less room to include all your information. Try square cards for your next printing job and you will definitely be satisfied.
4. Die-Cut: Die-cut business cards are the most unique cards you can have. If you choose to do a die-cut, you can pick from standard die-cuts or pick from one of the die-cuts your printing company may already have. There is also the option of creating your own die-cut, in which you can choose or design any shape for your die-cut that you want to. Depending on the complexity of your design, die cuts can cost anywhere from $50 and up. Your printing company will likely charge you for this die-cut because you will be their only customer to ever use it. This is the most expensive option for business card printing, but it is the best way to have a truly unique card that no one else will have.
5. Fold-Over: Fold-over cards are great for companies that want to include a little more information in their design than a standard 3.5″x2″ will allow. Folded cards are 3.5″x4″, giving you twice as much space as a regular size card. Be creative with your fold-over business cards by using the folded style in your design. Include a die cut on the fold to create a custom shape or die cut one side of the fold. Fold over cards are a unique take on standard cards, but will give you enough edge to stand out from the crowd.

6. Recycled: Recycled business cards are perfect for those companies and businesses trying to “go green.” These are made of 100% post-consumer waste paper and content. Recycled cards look just as amazing as regular cards, but will give you the peace of mind that you are helping save the environment while still using print media. You can print in full color or black and white, and you still receive the same great quality and thickness as a standard card. These are especially perfect for companies that are selling products or services to other businesses to help them “go green.” You can not go wrong with recycled business cards.
7. Portfolio: Portfolio cards are the most unique form of business card printing. Whether you are looking to add a touch of personality to your cards or you just want to showcase a variety of images or products, printing your cards in portfolio style allows you to print multiple different cards with just one order. Keeping all the information uniform on the back of each card, choose a different photograph, background color, product or image for the front of your card. The best number of styles for printing is anything in a multiple of 20, including 4, 5, 10 and 20. Portfolio business cards are great for photographers, bloggers, videographers, or anyone looking to create completely unique cards.
As you can see, there are many different types of business cards available, all of them ranging in price and uniqueness. Make sure you pick the card that best represents your company, but make sure it is still within your budget. Also, double check that your card conveys the message you want it to to your customers to get the best response.
Some other options to consider for your business cards printing include: stock weight and color, size, full color printing or black and white printing, single sided printing or double sided printing, and how many cards you will need. You will never want to run out of cards, so it is important that you order more than you think you will need. It is a bad idea to get caught without your cards.
Printing Wolverhampton Welcome to, the home of low cost, hi-definition print with beautiful design from local studios.

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Academic writing services are usually expected to be a group of experienced, multitasking and trustworthy professionals aimed at supplying quality services for writing an academic coursework. MHR Academic Writer claims to be one such services provider. In this article we will discuss and analyze the help provided by these UK and international service providers. Sometimes international students are concerned that they seek out the assistance and services at critical academic junctures and in return get more stress instead of assistance. Let’s analyze the claims made by these associations versus ground reality.

Writing Unequivocal UK Benchmark Vivid Academic Coursework

MHR Writer UK is one of the companies which claim that all of its work is guaranteed. First, let us examine how these companies secure their clientele. Students search for help regarding a recent academic task on the internet when they happen to stumble upon the web site of companies offering services for writing or completing their task for a denomination of a few dollars. Pupils usually get to choose the details of the writing task such factors as subject, length, formatting, and the deadline. There are some UK web sites which have more choices to offer and some have fewer choices to offer depending on the charge or price of the task. Some even have live customer support on their web sites to guide you throughout the process. Although what is most important is the quality of the work and the guarantees associated with it.


Personalized Service for Writing Astute Academic Coursework

The UK and international guarantees associated with the academic writing presented to you by the help company is what is critical for scholastic success. Some establishments will guarantee that the writing in their projects is completely free of plagiarism. Other corporations will claim that the services provided by them will be free if they fail to meet the deadline. Always check on their official web site for the validity of the guarantee. Does the company have a valid UK privacy policy which protects your personal information? Does the company provide you any tools to check for plagiarism? Always ask what happens if they fail to meet the academic deadline for the task. Things will start to become much clearer from this point onwards with the customer support executive after you ask them these questions.

Help and Writer Conforming to Established Academic Standards

Once you see the guarantees in writing on the web site, you can rest assured that all their claims will be backed up. Education is a very serious business in the UK and it is booming all over the world. It is still advisable to keep in touch with the procured help throughout the composition cycle of the task. This way both parties will know that the deadline is a serious issue and that it should be fulfilled. This way you will also be able to decide whether the services which you have bought, may well be worth a second academic purchase, should the need arise.


Try the brand-new Clash Royale hack rips off tool and gain benefit conveniently, directly in your web browser. Clash Royale Hack will give you unlimited resources and also gold with merely a couple of clicks. Enjoy your cost-free Gems and Gold too, thanks to Clash Royale Hack Cheats Gems & Gold Generator! Clash Royale Hack tool programmed with adding most current preventive functions so there isn’t really any kind of threat about your Clash Royale game account. Just what is also better is that this device is totally free to use to any kind of players that wants to maximize its attributes.

If you make use of a card in fight, it’ll be altered by another, randomly dealt, as well as you can note just what’s next available, as in the following piece in Tetris. As you well know, Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game starring popular Clash of Clans characters  in a fresh, action-packed strategy game. It is a real-time technique video game where you gather cards that represent different characters and spells to assault your opponents. We generally created new Clash Royale mod hack for obtain a great deal of open Gold and also resources, utilizing this Clash Royale Hack device that is very easy to use to your one. Unlike various other hack tools that remain in the market, this online device provides the complying with advantages.

We have one Excellent Suggestions: Please be additionally mindful whenever you are browsing things that belongs to cheating or hacking since you will go to numerous sites which will certainly be offering you hack tools for all the games but they are supplying you a software program that will infect your computer or smart phone with malware and also will take all your personal information like charge card, debit card and so on.

clash royale cheating
Returning to Clash Royale, our main point was to create an official Clash Royale Hack that will admit to all the users to obtain free gems and also various other crucial resources like XP and gold. Clash Royale is complimentary to download and install as well as play, however, some game products could also be purchased genuine money. There are numerous paths to success in Clash Royale as well as frequently there is little that makes a decision success or defeat. This is hack device that can be utilized in generating Clash Royale treasures conveniently and also is totally free. We guarantee you that you can get  free Clash Royale gems immediately utilizing our hack.

Since software is making use of proxy servers, every little thing is protected and there are no opportunities of getting prohibited for utilizing this hack. Now it wont take long prior to you check out and also locate a number of videos on YouTube that declare that this tool does this. Just what makes it even prominent is the fact that Clash Royale Online Generator is compatible with any type of cell phone, which implies that any type of tablet PC or mobile phone can support it. And also, users get daily updates of hacks so they could continue to take pleasure in the video game. Our gem hack deals with any iOS as well as Android gadget, consisting of iPad, Windows, Apple iPhone as well as Mac.

Speeding chests then could be one of the most effective usage of your cash to level your cards and also get XP (although those will obviously struck ceilings also). Below is an additional challenging point – you obtain a totally free upper body every four hours, however you could store just two at once. Ultimately, if you have actually got a number of resources shedding a hole in your pocket, you can get breasts straight in the in-game store.  Wait up until the trainer coating patching and also modding your Clash Royale video game information. The most excellent thing about the generator is that it is web-browser based, implying that you will certainly not be needed to download and install andything. You may be asking yourself why I am speaking out of the subjects, which is Clash Royale, yet think for a moment. Well, Clash Royale Hack for Android and iOS will certainly make your day wonderful.


No doubt morning desert safari has no match to any other adventure in the desert are, yet it has great risks involved too. It is like any other thrilling experience that is accompanied by the risks and dangers. Numerous dangerous accidents can be quoted while driving through the desert. The thrill in the heart of desert is fraught with risk that can kill if the rider is not careful himself. The adventure can turn out to be deadly if there is ignorance on the part of the rider. Generally, great care and safety measures are considered but still accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. So, if you are about to ride the 4WD in the desert, remembering you might have to face the risks.

The risks:

  • The vastness of the desert: the deserts are vast with hardly any distinguishing parts. It is therefore essential to drive in the desert with the expert advice, as there are chances to lose the way.
  • Falling down the vehicle:  the vehicles tread down on the desert stand by establishing strong hold on the sand with the help of the strong wheels. While driving there are ample chances that when the wheels roll over the sand. The surface becomes so soft that the balance is difficult to attain and so the rider may fall down after the seat belt gets loose.
  • Riding alone: it is not an appreciable idea to roll on the desert without expert support. Isolated drive can result in losing the way or fatal accidents.
  • Riding in large groups: some youngsters feel that a group riding is really fun, but in fact it calls for danger. If the vehicle gets overloaded there are chances that it over turns.

How to prevent the risks?

If safety precautions are taken no risks remains a risk. Just like in daily life the risks can be avoided when the safety measures are followed, the similar can be done with the morning desert safari. The tourists are given briefing before they set for the drive. Hence, it is important to listen to what you are being told. The important steps to avoid any danger include the following:

morning desert safari

  • Don’t go alone. Get the help of the tour planner who himself has adequate knowledge of the desert driving. He will be a great helping hand in giving you the essential details and tips to drive safe whether it is a bike or the jeep.
  • Get an expert along with you while going for a drive especially when you have your family with you. This is likely to help you in the problematic situation.
  • Don’t hesitate wearing the safety equipment including helmet, knee and elbow covers etc.
  • If you want to ride in a group, avoid riding on the sand in a group not more than that of four people.


Although there are several risks involved but still the morning desert safari is a great experience. Many people drive in the deserts during the trips. Follow the safety measures and make the best of your experience.

Gangstar Rio is the third installation game for Gangstar series. As player tend to enjoy more enhanced vehicles, engine, and graphics and characters detail. They also have the chance to explore the whole city of Brazil. It’s the great open world action-adventure video game for an Android as well as for IOS smartphones. For Windows and BlackBerry OS (operating system) it was completely demolished from their store as many of their smartphones won’t keep it running for so long or on the other hand, it’s paid and an expensive game. So, on IOS and android both of them, you can easily download it from their store to play it for a lifetime. This acclaimed series of game is back in action as whole new places for fun, for justice as well as for the little bit of crime too. Some of their additional information to look after is as under:

Gangstar Rio

  • The release date of this video game takes place on 10th of November 2011.
  • It is entirely updating with new engine and enhancement system on 21st of December 2015.
  • The size of this application varies on different devices. If you have an Android device so, size will be around 1.2 GB.
  • Worldwide installation has been reached nearly to 500,000 hits of download.
  • The current version also varies on devices.
  • This visual only required for those who are 18+ because it contains, gambling and extreme violence, etc.
  • Offered and its developer is Gameloft.

Also on any such smartphones, you will have never felt the great experience of gaming as you will do in this series. As you have the chance to take out a couple of gangs, join the criminal or chase whatever you like. See the Rio and fight the Rio is the morale and main lesson of this video game. Also, you have five different cities to explore yet with Brazil in Gangstar Rio that includes beaches, different districts, jungles, business, and favelas as well. For the first time, this game also came up with the new technology called 3D graphics. In which players will feel the visual of 3D from inside and out of the screen.

They have kept a long story in it. And the story is just amazing and better than the last video game of this series. As there is over 60+ mission in it and when you end it, it won’t be running from side mission or quests as well. You can kill the witness, deliver special packages, drive the taxi, join the army, corrupt the case of politicians, steal cars or kill anybody you want to inside missions or quests. You have the variety of guns, vehicle, helicopters and special cars in your closet. You can race with each other, or you can destroy the whole castle of each other. Dozens of random events are also available in it. You can also play mini-games such as tennis or football within the play.

For the first time, Gangstar Rio also has the capability to play Multiplayer, so you got the chance to show the world with your friends.

As X1 Waterproof 1080P HD sports camera 170-degree wide angle helmet camera is only used in professional ways and manners. Such as doing so much on photography thing or going underneath the water. It can capture such beautiful images with its enhanced visual and can record up to 4K video that is up to 2160P twice stronger as compared to 1080P. It only comes in one color right after opening its unboxing that is black color. The retail packaging of this product is such considering as it contains paper box presentation in it. Some of their specifications are as under.

Specifications:its specifications are:-

  • Only comes in black color commonly (China manufacture). But in rare condition (China product) it also contains matte black paint on it which looks super cool.
  • Retail packaging of (China exporter and supplier) also gets the paper box after unboxing it.
  • The sensor type of this camera (China producers and importers) is CMOS which can come in handy.
  • The gross weight of (China agents) it is just about 0.628KG. It’s so light that the optical image stabilization can show its effect as great as it is.
  • The volume weight of it is around approximately of 0.596KG. It gives a lot of grips while recording fast or slow motion capturing.


As theWaterproof X1 HD Sports 1080P Camera at wide angle of 170 degree camera helmet is one of the best shootouts till up to date. It can go underwater as deep as 30 minutes in a surface of it. As a matter of fact, it can stay in the water as long as 2 hours without any hesitation and still records dynamic videos just because the might IP64 it contains. It also widely used in sports industry such as soccer matches, cricket matches, NBA matches and other popular sports team matches. The optical image stabilization is so balancing in it that it can capture and record even things get out of control. Its description is as under.

Description:its descriptions are:-

  • The high-quality wide angle that can rotate up to 170 degrees within water as well.
  • The 2.0 inch LCD Screen of it won’t let you go anywhere, as the display is sharp, play back videos, view photos, and east to adjust its whole settings.
  • It contains fisheye feature in its 170-degree wide-angle lens that allows to instant capture free images on long distance as well.
  • Built in Wi-Fi. That allows to download apps on your device or if your tablet or smartphone has linked to this shootout. Then you can just connect the action camera in it. To execute it or review your clips via IOS or an Android devices.
  • Can go deep in water as 30M to sports DV. And this model is specially designed for games industry only.

Technical Parameters:

Salat (namaz, Prayer) is one of the basic fundamentals of Islam. For every Muslim it is mandatory to believe and perform the Salat five times a day.  It is significant to have the knowledge of starting and ending of the Salat times.

Importance of Salat times:

It is an essential part of a Muslim’s daily life to offer Salat. For the performance of this religious duty a Muslim must be aware of the Salat times. It is really important to perform Salat on time. It has been clearly described in the Holy Quran about the Salat times.

Salat times

“So be patient over what they say and extol (ALLAH) with praise of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting; and during periods of the night (extol HIM) and at the ends of the day, that you may be satisfied”.

(Surah TA-HA verse no 130)

In the light of the Holy Quran we should start the worship of ALLAH (SWT) at the setting of the sun till at night. It does not mean that we should not do the daily routine jobs. But with all the routine work we must bow down in front of ALLAH (SWT) to seek his mercy, blessings and benevolence. Muslims should not delay the namaz without any valid reason. It is best to perform the Salat after the azan at Salat times.

Salat times for Muslims in non Muslim countries:

In the Muslim countries it is not a problematic issue to know the timings of Salat as on hearing the azan five times a day people come to know that now it is time to observe the Salat. But in non-Muslim countries there is not a proper system of azan to let the people know about the Salat times due to the non availability of shariya phenomena.

To solve this problem and to perform Salat on time now different Islamic centers and Islamic websites provide time tables and namaz schedules on the internet. It is really convenient for Muslims living in different countries of the world to check these Salat times.

Agreement on Salat times:

All the Muslims agree on the Salat time of Zuhar, Asar and Maghrib and Isha. But there is need to understand the true dawn and false dawn in order to determine the time of Fajar Salat.

True dawn (Al Fajar al Sadiq):

When the sunlight is horizontally spread over and increases visuality it is the true dawn and also called subhe Sadiq. Duration of fast starts from the subhe Sadiq and lasts till Maghrib.

False dawn (Al Fajar al kazib):

When a horizon of light moves up to the sky this is the false dawn also called Subhe Kazib. Muslims can eat till the Subhe Sadiq.

Last verdict:

Salat is the one of the most important obligations of Islam and it will never be forgiven at any condition except due to the exemptions given in Islam. According to the hadith we must teach the children to perform Salat at the age of 7 and should spank them for neglecting it at the age of ten.

Games and club items on the web, in wagering shops, make a high edge and it is completely ensured each and every day. These new items are the fantasy for all individuals high up in Top Bookmakers organizations, as the more keen and appealing they may be, the more cash they rake in. Why in the world attempt to develop horse dashing turnover when you are venturing into a hornets home of shrewd lies and arbers when you can cheerfully and inexpensively “win” 10-20% of your gaming turnover? No requirement for exchanging gatherings, separating accounts, client administration showdowns or complex basic leadership, simply pay the IT experts to conjure up another minor departure from roulette or poker to fulfill the continually developing overall business sector in recreational punters.

With the appearance of wagering trades and the blast in low edge bookmakers, for example, Pinnacle Sports or SBO, it has ended up workable for value shrewd punters to have wagers with no edge against them. They are essentially getting Evens around a coin-hurl and, now and again by looking and exchanging. Maintaining a bookmaking business is amazingly costly. For instance, the Top Bookmakers in Malta had huge pay charges/IT charges/client administration office and so on. In connection to its little turnover on the game, it had no way at all of verging on earning back the original investment. The plan of action was totally dependent on the recreations to pay the bills. Setting up costs on surely understood value correlation locales, just secures a multitude of “arbiters” to swarm everywhere throughout the site if a cost ever slips over the “trade” cost. It was a formula for uneven books on the wrong side of the business sector.

In short, it is for all intents and purposes difficult to get by as an honest to goodness bookmaker unless one has a tremendous armed force of faithful, inelastic punters who simply need a wager on what’s on TV. Playing against out of here Betfair can just end one path, with the organization losing cash and the “triumphant” punters getting their records slashed to pieces at a laden Monday morning exchanging meeting. Developing a recreational punting base has turned into the point of proceeding firms, for example, Bet365. Investigate their adverts amidst each broadcast match. They are forcefully pursuing the 20-year-old male, lager close by, watching the diversion with his mates.

He may consider changes 6.00 about Wayne Rooney scoring next is an alluring cost for his £20 interest wager and these are precisely the high benefit, multi-sport wagering punters that all organizations love. Put essentially, Top Bookmakers would love to take an aggregate £30,000 at 6.00 on Rooney scoring next when they know the right cost is much greater, and moreover, by having a wagered of this nature, a punter is hailing himself up as precisely the kind of player that the organizations need. On the off chance that this colossal to a great extent undiscovered business sector is out there and can be caught.

We as a whole realize that most weight reduction supplements can have their own disadvantages and may just work to convey its fundamental objective: to shed off the undesirable pounds. In some cases, through the course of accomplishing our sought weight, we trade off alternate parts of our wellbeing. To begin with, TruVision is not your run of the mill weight reduction supplement. It proves compelling in helping you shed those additional fats, however, it fills in as a stack with TruWeight and Energy keeping in mind the end goal to truly encounter its maximum capacity. The groups of researchers have been defining items for different organizations for more than 20 years. Presently we plan our own items. This gives us the capacity to offer the most noteworthy quality and least costs in the business.


This is the way to maintenance. The items incorporate a detailing to improve blood science and pH parity and an item to help with fat misfortune by giving a characteristic craving to eat less. At the point when consolidated with the blood science item they turn into the best weight reduction twosome ever created. They likewise have a vital heart and hydration drink, a demonstrated tranquilizer and a delicious super-propelled trail blend. Built with sound, normal plant separates, TruVision advantages each framework in the body. It advantages glucose, lower cholesterol, solid liver capacity, and more. Whether you are hoping to shed those resolute pounds, lose the muscle to fat quotients, or simply feel more empowered for the duration of the day without nerves, TruWeight and Energy has you secured.

With no unique eating routine required, this low upkeep, multi reason supplement is precisely what you have been sitting tight for. A dynamic way of life requires and dynamic drink that hydrates your body as well as advanced solid heart living. With no sugar and only a couple of calories, you will dependably need to convey with you a Health and Hydration stick pack to renew and bolster your Tru style of living. For weight reduction, TruFix and TruWeight and Energy are intended to cooperate for most extreme weight reduction productivity. Since TruFix’s ideal mix of every single characteristic fixing enhances your blood science, it diminishes your longing along these lines making you feel less eager and empowered. It revs up your digestion system without the disadvantages and reactions normally seen in most weight reduction supplements.

It additionally enhances liver capacity and is made with every single regular fixing from plant removes that are known not your digestion system. It’s fundamentally made to “tune up” your blood science, which makes it perfect for the individuals who need to get more fit with included advantages. TruFix is not, in itself, an intense weight reduction supplement. In spite of the fact that it can help weight reduction without anyone else, it’s all the more capable with TruWeight and Energy, so you have to buy both if your primary point is weight reduction. TruVision has been around for a considerable length of time and has conveyed great items that numerous cases to be genuinely powerful. So we presume that TruFix is not a trick by any stretch of the imagination.

What is Fb Pilot – The Facebook Auto Poster

Facebook Bulk Scheduler

Fb pilot AKA Facebook Pilot is an amazing tool for Facebook automation commonly referred as Facebook Auto Poster. With Facebook automation, we mean it is used to (to some extent) fully automate your Facebook marketing. If you are a Facebook geek, this tool should be an essential ingredient of your life.
Fb Pilot is designed to manage your Facebook pages and join hundreds and thousands of groups. With this very tool, you can design unlimited groups joining and posting campaigns, download content without any limits, and schedule posts on your pages.


Fb Pilot is loaded with vital features which can be summed into the following headings:

  • Facebook Pages Manager:

Auto Groups Joiner

Facebook Pages Manager is actually a bulk scheduler for your

Facebook pages. One of the main features is that You can schedule videos in bulk. The fully loaded Pages Manager can schedule posts for up to 6 months. But, the best thing is that there is currently no limit to connected accounts. Which means if you have 10 Facebook accounts or 100, you can schedule posts on all of them at once.Fb Pilot only require the path for the folder where your content is placed, and it does all the rest by itself.



  • Facebook Groups Manager:

Facebook Groups Manager is another great tool by Fb Pilot.

Group Manager comprises three (3) vital tools:

  1. Groups Auto Poster
  2. Groups Auto Joiner
  3. Groups Auto Commenter (Post Bumper)

Facebook Auto Poster

With Group Auto Poster, you can post videos, Statuses, Links, and Photos to as many groups as you want. It will load all the groups at once and ask you to select the groups where you want to post! Amazing.

Facebook Auto Poster

Group Auto Joiner is designed to join unlimited (up to 5000) groups on Facebook. Just provide the Fb Pilot with your key words, minimum members of groups you want, and boom. You can read a wonderful article on Fb Pilot’s Group Joiner here: Fb Pilot – The Facebook Auto Poster

Auto Commenter is a pro feature, but don’t worry you don’t pay anything extra for that.  The basic functionality of the Post Bumper (Auto Commenter) is that it keeps your posts on top spot on the group.
Post something in a group, and keep its link. Then just provide your Fb Pilot with that link and it will start commenting on that post automatically.

  • Mass Downloaders:

Mass Downloaders or Bulk Downloaders provide you an

Opportunity to download massive amount of content from the web. Mass Downloader is also based on three (3) more tools which are:

  1. YouTube Downloader
  2. Instagram Downloader
  3. Bulk Image Downloader

Fb Pilot

The YouTube downloader is so structured that it gives you option to analyze videos within the tool. You get important matrices about the videos in Fb Pilot, with an option to select which video would do best for your Fb Page.

Auto Groups Joiner

With YouTube Downloader, you get an option to find videos by keywords and you can sort them out on the basis of Views, Ratings, Title, Date, and Relevance. You can also search about a YouTube channel using Fb Pilot. This also give its users an option to view the video before publishing on group or scheduling on Facebook Page.

Facebook Auto Poster

Instagram Downloader gives users an option to download Instagram Images using Hashtags and User I.Ds. You can download hundreds of images in a minute.

Auto Groups Joiner

With Fb Pilot Image Downloader, you can download images from web just by giving it the link. This also includes images from google search.

Facebook Bulk Scheduler

Fb Pilot has promised to include a logo adder for images you download from web, so that users can download those images and add to campaigns without any copyright issues.

Positive Points:

There is no limit to the Facebook Accounts connected to Fb Pilot.

There is no limit to scheduling, joining, and downloading.

It comes with a three days’ free trial. So, you can decide if you want it or not.

You can run unlimited campaigns at a time. E.g you can both download videos and upload images at the same time.

You can log in to multiple Facebook groups at a time.

Negative Points:

The only negative point we could find was its inability to work on any operating system other than Windows.

Fb Pilot has promised to add support for Mac in the future.


Fb Pilot is an amazing tool to have. If you are a Digital Marketer and want to do your work manually, Fb Pilot is an awesome choice. You can always download it for a free trial, so go get your own copy of it and decide for yourself.

Over to you.